outsource your CSS development

Our vision

We envision a future in which our customers rely on us with all visual changes of their online products (websites, webapps) in an outsourcing process more simple, fast and smooth than they could ever imagine and a result that is both cheaper and of far higher quality than what they dared to expect.

It is a future, in which stylers (CSS developers) can fully enjoy their work and professional growth and be independent of any one job in terms of time and money.

In our future, we see our employees, investors, and partners in business proudly saying that they helped revolutionize the web development industry.

We are now working hard to make this bold vision our reality.

August, 2020

Johnny Seyd

Johnny has been involved with IT since he was a child. He worked as a programmer, later as a team leader. Then he founded his own company, Interact, which supplied software solutions mainly for the banking sector. He later co-founded a software-house, WEZEO, as CTO and CAO. After building a team of stylers for a Slovak startup/scaleup Exponea, he is now taking the idea of styling as a specialization to the next level with

His life in numbers: 28 years of programming, 22 years of experience in web technologies, 14 years of managing people, 12 years of consulting, 10 years entrepreneur, 6 years speaker/lecturer, dozens of customers, hundreds of projects, from tiny websites to huge enterprise projects.

Stano Kucharik

Stano studied management at City University of Seattle. Upon leaving a corporate management role, he started his IT career at the age of 28 when he learned to code online, and joined a software-house WEZEO as a web developer. At Exponea, he supported the CTO in managing a 60+ people IT department, and helped launch and host community events ngBeer. He is now eager to help others get into IT through web development with

His life in buzzwords: Global Process Expert, Continuous Improvement Manager, Lean Six Sigma Certified Green Belt, Front-End Web Developer, Full-Stack Team Leader, IT Communication Facilitator, Certified BRIEF Coach, Donor Care Manager, Mentor, Co-Founder.

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